Monday, 15 April 2013

The Wheelchair Rugby.

Wheelchair rugby is an exciting fast paced game that borrows from lots of different games.

A person that is Quadriplegic is someone who is paralysed to some extent in at least three or four limbs.

You have to try and get a goal and if you want to tackle you crash then you try and get the ball off them. That’s how you play wheelchair rugby.

The aim is to carry the ball into the other teams goal. The only movement they have is fingers, hands and also they use their wheelchair as well. Some people from wheelchair rugby player with broken necks or maybe broken legs.

At first people played wheelchair rugby in standard wheelchairs then they played with upgraded wheelchairs. The wheelchairs are designed with handles and parts so they can crash more.

The Wheel Blacks is a team that they sit on wheelchairs and play rugby.

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