Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother (Descriptive Writing)

I am going to write a descriptive writing about my beautiful mother my mother is a caring mother and a loving mother.

When I see my mum she has long hair and brown eyes she wears jeans a lot and long arm t - shirts a lot. Also when i see my mum she is a beautiful mum and a very cool mum to live with.

When i hear her she yells and talks very quietly but she yells a lot, when she yells at me i feels very sad and angry I feel like running away but i still love her.

When she cooks dinner it tastes very delicious and yummy and when she cooks my lunch she says does it taste yum and then i say yes.

Whenever my mum walks past me i smell from her perfume and spray and when i smell it it smells really nice. Sometimes when she walks past me it smells really bad but it is not from her it is from my brother (SAMUEL).

When I Touch my mum SHE Because it Feels really soft but sometimes it wears soft Clothes Feels so Slimy Because SHE is wearing Clothes that are soft and Slimy Also her Jeans Feels hard. When i Touch her ​​face it Feels so soft and Slimy Because when i touch it my hands fall down.

Final comment: Mum you are the
Have a great time at Tonga see you tomorrow when you come back from Tonga!!!

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