Tuesday, 31 March 2015



Today the whole school and another 9 schools went to  Point England Reserve to see the Waka come in, the waka has been travelling around the world and then they had to stop in Auckland.

When I got to school there were people who were ready to go into Public. When I got to school the teacher (Mrs Pole) told Room 7 that we were going to walk because there was only 1 bus that was going to come, the class was so exhausted because we will be walking with 2 other classes.
When we started walking the wind was blowing like they were having a war and the children were noisy like the birds.
When we were half way we went through a alleyway and the water was so calm and dirty, dirty like rubbish.

When we got to Point England Reserve we saw some horses, the horses was so big and tough. I was looking for a seat just like looking for pencil at school.
So we saw our school name on this poster and then that is where we have to sit.

2 hours later:

So then we had a chance to get up to the front and shake the crew’s hand there hands were soft, soft like a pillow.
So when we finished shaking the soft hands we had to go and have a rest in the middle of the field so the teachers can do the roll over again to see if everyone is here because

there might be people in the water drowning.
So then we had to go back to school, then everyone was starting to to walk back to school, while we were walking everyone was exhausted and tired.
When we got to school it was morning tea, so I was walking so slow to get my lunch because I was angry about doing extra work.

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