Friday, 24 July 2015

My Holiday In the Wonderful Kingdom Of Tonga!!!!

1st Piece Of Writing                      2nd Piece of Writing

I am going to be writing about how my first day in Tonga was.
When I arrived in Tonga I was so excited to be in Tonga again. When I got off the plane I was so hot and also the sun was shining so bright, it is not like this is New Zealand sometimes it and sometimes the sun shines. After that we got out of the airport and was on our way to my aunt's house the was in LongoLongo, Kolomotu'a.

When we got to my aunt's house I was so bored so what I did was just to play with the dogs and take the dog for a walk. Later on I came back from my long walk with the dogs, so I came inside took a cold shower, got changed into my pyjamas and went into the room and went straight to sleep.

I was just sleeping for about 5 hours and then woke up and it was still daylight, so I was thinking of something to do, suddenly something came into my head and told me what to do it told me to try and get money and walk to the shops and buy something for me to eat.

So I did it straight away after 12:00pm. After that I came back and took a cold shower again and then went back to sleep and this time when I woke up it was the next day.


During my Holiday I have been in the Kingdom Of Tonga.  The reason why I went to Tonga is because we wanted to spend time with our cousins and Aunties.  We’ve been in Tonga from the 30th of June to the 21st of July.

On the 3rd of July we were invited to a concert, the concert was the Common Kings The common kings is a group of singers who sings songs and write albums for the world to listen.

My family was really excited to attend this concert because I really wanted to go to this concert for a long time.

So we all had a cold shower and got dressed up in our beautiful clothes and had to wait until it’s time to go.

We waited and waited and “DING” the clock hit 6:00pm so I got up and ran to my parents and said “ HEY! YOU SAID WHEN THE CLOCK HIT 6:00pm I HAVE TO COME AND WAKE YOU GUYS UP, SO NOW GET UP AND GET READY” they replied “ Okay, tell everyone to get ready and get in the car so we can drive off to “ TEU FAIVA “, suddenly everyone got up and got dressed.

While we were still driving to “ TEU FAIVA “ we were so excited to see the Common Kings sing there amazing albums.

When we got to the Stadium we had to wait for the Common Kings to get ready.  Finally the concert started, the concert went on and on and on, it started from 6:30pm - 11:50pm, us kids were crazy and all of a sudden people were not focusing on the Common King they were actually focusing on us kids that were being so crazy and so loud.

At the end of the concert we had all had to leave from the stadium because the Concert was finished, so we had to go out on the streets and try and call a taxi to come and pick us up from the Stadium.

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