Thursday, 10 September 2015

God Created Families!!!

Learn: I can find Signs in Nature or Situation in our everyday life that helps you know something about God!!!

Who do you think CREATED families?
God created Families, he created families because families are close to his Heart, when he created men he said “ It is not good for men to be alone “ and when he created woman he said “ Be Fruitful and obtain and Replenish (Fill) the world”.

What do we have to say to the person who created Families?
I would say that God is Loving because he gave us a family so that my family can look after me and take care of me.

Don't you think he or she is beautiful?
God is beautiful and he is always beautiful because he created everything on earth and also I would like to say is that he is a creative and Magnificent person.

When we see something like that is it Sacramental moment?
God is bless­ful, by being blessed with a amazing family.

When we see something like that those it prompt us to think of God?
Yes, it does prompt us to think of God because when we see a family that is being so caring and loving it teaches us to be the same and makes us feel blessed it reminds us that God is around us.

How does Families remind you of God?
Families remind me of God because he created my family and also it reminds me that in the form of a family member he is always around me I feel blessed because he is part of my family, he is my Almighty Father.

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