Wednesday, 14 October 2015


On Friday the 09th of October my Aunty told me “ Joshua and Samuel’ we will be going to the movies to watch an Australian film called “Blinky Bill “ . My Aunty told us what the movie was about,  this is what she said “ The movie is about a Kuala that tried to find his Father who had run off to the real world that had cars, shops and humans, the baby Koala did not know where he was”. So when she finished explaining what the movie was about, she said to me “ Go and have a quick shower so we can go because the movie starts at 10:25am and the time is 9:12am” .

After that we ran outside got in the car and drove to Westfield/ Manukau Mall/ Event Cinemas. Once we got there we had to go and see if the cinemas were open, while we were walking we saw that the cinemas weren’t open yet so we just went and bought some clothes and had a little walk around.

When we finished walking around we went straight to the cinemas to buy our tickets and get our seats. Once we got there we were really excited to see this movie. There was a long queue so we had to go in the Express Lane because we had booked a ticket online. They gave us a barcode and then we had to show it to the staff so they could scan it and give us our tickets.

Later on we went to and took a photo, then after the photo we went to Cinema 3 to watch Blinky Bill. We found  comfortable seats to sit on, so we sat down and ate our popcorn. The movie was 80 minutes (1 hour & 20min) long.

When the movie was finished we went and ate Mcdonalds before we headed back home. After that we went back home so we could have a sleep because the next day we would be cleaning the whole entire house.

My highlight of the day was when we went and watch the movie Blinky Bill, I hope next time we go to the movies again and watch another Australian Film because it seems that the Australian Films are really funny.

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