Thursday, 19 November 2015

Recount About Sailing!!

The 12th of November we were all invited to go to Kohimarama beach so we can do this wonderful activity called Sailing. The Year 7 and 8 were splitted into two equal groups. Later on, the first group got into the van and headed off to Kohimarama Beach while the second group spends time with Room 6 which is next door from our classroom Room 7.

Two hours later, Mrs Tui just arrived to school and told the second group that they’re departing in two minutes. While we were on the road heading to the beach, we just started chatting and chatting until we arrived. We all had to hop into the dirty and dusty van and drove 7 minutes to Kohimarama Beach.  “Hello everyone” our instructor Reuben yelled out. “Hello Reuben” we all replied. After that we all had to go and get changed into our swimming gear. Once we got changed he told us to put on a our safety gear ( Life Jacket & and a Jacket in case we get really cold) . We had to get into partners, find a boat and stand right next to it. Our Instructor had to tell us the instructions before we go out to sea and not know what to do.  

Twenty minutes later after he explained us the instructions, he told us to take our small yacht boats to sea so we can start sailing.  After that Reuben yelled out “ IS EVERYBODY READY? “ we all replied “ YES!!! “ .  We all had to sail to the other building on the other side of the sea and come back. We had to pull this rope so we can balance the boat or else the boat will fall upside down.

1 hour later, we have to all come back and have our lunch. After our lunch we have to get changed and go back to school. It turns out that Sailing is a good sport to do.

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