Friday, 12 February 2016

Narrative Writing!!

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Title - Crocodile Attack

On a Tuesday afternoon there was this young man named Blake he was on his way home with his boat that he never used for a long time. He was driving his boat home on a lake that was nearby. While he was driving he saw that he was nearly home, when he got up to grab his food he saw that there was something that was following him. After he has grab his unhealthy food a big crocodile with a big and massive mouth trying to attack him.
Blake found this stick that he carried with him and started whacking the crocodile because he had fear of crocodiles.
Later on he gave the crocodile his food that he carried around and then the crocodile started to leave him. He was so happy that the crocodile left him. When he got back home he told his parents what was happening.

Who are they & describe what I see? A Massive Crocodile & A Young man named Blake, Whacking the crocodile & Driving his boat around in the lake.

What might go wrong in the picture?  A Big crocodile was trying to bite Blake.

How might that situation be solved? The young man gave him his food that he carried with him and then the crocodile started to leave. He was so happy.

Who will help? He helped himself to get rid of the crocodile.

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