Friday, 17 June 2016

Marae Visit!!

On such a beautiful day our school which is St Pius X School went and had a visit to a Marae which was behind the Te Oro building. Once I got to school everyone was ready with their neat/tidy uniform and also appropriate footwear to wear for a walk. The Marae we went to was called Ruapotaka Marae.

Everyone gathered together in the hall waiting for Mrs Tui to give us the signal that we can leave to the Marae. Once Mrs Tui called out to the classes to stand up that is when I knew we had to leave and head off to our destination which is the Marae which was located Glen Innes. We walked with our soul friends, my one was ( Tute ) who is in Room 1. Once we got to the Marae the girls had to line up in the front and the boys line up at the back.

My favourite part of the visit is when we all learnt the song Head, Shoulder, Knees and toes but in Maori. The reason why it was my favourite part is because we started of with singing slow and then it started to get faster and faster. The second reason is that I get to learn a new maori song which is great.

My Second favourite part of this visit is that we got a chance to weave a flower together which is great because I never got a chance to weave a flower together in a Maori way. The reason why it is my favourite is because I never got a chance to weave a flower together.

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