Sunday, 25 September 2016

Term 3 Reflection!

This Term we have had a lot of things planned for the whole school to enjoy and have fun during this short term of ours.

The first event: 
Cross Country Practises:
This has been a stressful event because every single senior student had to some running around the Avenue Park just in Glen Innes which is near our special and fantastic school. I find that this was the stressful event of this term. But I still enjoyed having a little fitness. I want to Thank the teachers and staff for planning this event.

The second event:
Tongan Day:
This was a magnificent day for all the Tongan people in St Pius X School. The school gathered in some Tongan food which was helpful. Once the bell rang for Lunch time the school gathered in the hall for a little feed to celebrate Tongan Food. I want to Thank the parents who came to help serve the food to each class.

The third event:
Cooking Class @ Selwyn College
This is a extra learning class which is held in Selwyn College. What we did this term was cooking, we had cooked a lot of things and also did some little experience with food. I want to Thank the teachers @ Selwyn College who is allowing us to come to their and do some extra learning class.

The fourth event:
Holy Communion Celebration:
This was a stunning celebration, because some students from our school had their First Holy Communion and Confirmation. I was one of those people who had their First Holy Communion. I want to Thank Julianna Laga'aia who was the teacher of the Holy Communion class for teaching us different things about the Sacraments and many other things.

The Final Event:
Ako Fakataha;
This is a stunning extra learning class which is held at my house. We had several Tongan Students from our school who come and do extra learning class. I want to Thank my Teacher Mrs Tui ( Ana Tui ) for organizing this outstanding programme.

I know that this the end of the term but our learning doesn't stop it keeps going. KEEP READING EVERYONE BECAUSE READING HELPS US WITH OUR THINKING

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