Monday, 11 February 2013

My lovely Holiday

My mum said “Joshua get back here so you can take me for a swim”. “I tricked you so you can go back and swim” shouted my brother. My family and I went to a lovely holiday to Henderson Pools.

During a hot summer day my mum and I swam to the Spa Pool. I was very angry because my mum won at swimming to the Spa Pool that It made me sad. My mum thought that It was exciting.

We kept on swimming It made me so annoyed because my mum kept winning so I was trying to win and I went to the end of the line. I told my mum “I won and I will tell dad about this”. After that we went to eat our favourite things, it was Chicken and chips. Finally we got to go on the longest slide ever in Henderson pools. After that we all got changed and we went back home and had a rest for a long weekend day.

We were all excited of being a very first time at Henderson Pools and next time I will win at swimming.

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