Monday, 18 February 2013

Silly story

One day me and my brown gingerbread man walked into the Panmure library, we saw lots of huge books. We picked out one huge book and gave it to the library lady to scan. She told us we have to find treasure which was hidden all around the library. We had  to guess where it was and if we didn’t find it my gingerbread man would be eaten.

We went and looked and looked for the treasure. Finally we decided to ask  the woman “Can you tell us where the treasure is?” and the woman said “NO”.

After that we went out of the library and me and the gingerbread man searched all the library’s in Auckland for the treasure. The gingerbread man said “I know where the treasure is” and I said “Where is it gingerbread man?”. The gingerbread man said “It was in the library when we were looking for the first book, I saw it”. We went back to the Panmure library and the woman had all her friends looking for the treasure. My friend was there too, and his name was Johnson. Suddenly the woman ran away from the library, she was afraid we might hurt her if we didn’t find the treasure. Quickly the gingerbread man ran and found the book we had come back for.

A few minutes later the library lady ran inside the library and tried to lock the door but she never had the key.....we had the key. She said “Give me the key and I will show you the treasure”. So we said “NOOOOOO we won’t give it to you because you might not give us the treasure”. Eventually we did give her the key and then she opened the door and she gave us a map to where the treasure was. The map said the treasure was at Remuera Library.

When we got to Remuera library, the treasure was right next to the door. We opened the box and there was $1,200 dollars in it. We spent it on a Toyota car and a house in Remuera and we lived happily ever after.

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