Monday, 27 May 2013

Catholic School's Day.

On a lovely Tuesday afternoon it was Catholic School’s Day and we invited St Joseph’s, Orakei to our special school.  We invited St Joseph Orakei so we could celebrate Catholic School’s Day with them.

At 11 o’clock we had a wonderful mass at church. After church we went to Lunch, we all shared our lunch with the St Joseph people. After we ate we went and played at the senior playground. Soon after the bell rang we all went to line up and waited for Mrs Williams to come and call us to go into the hall. We went to the hall and sat down on the mats and the mats were on the floor and they were brown, green, and also red.

Catherine started us with a prayer and told us to say the sign of the cross and sing the school prayer. After we sang the school prayer Catherine told Room 7 to come up and sing and the song “Let it Go”. When they finished singing the St Joseph’s people came carefully to the stage and sang “Count on me” and they were doing actions with the song. After they sang they came and sat down on the mats and some of the people sat down on the chairs. Some of the songs came from Room 7 and some of the songs came from the St Joseph’s people.

After St Joseph’s it was our class to go up, so we all got up and went to the stage and our song it was the cup song. I was very scared and really shy when we went to the stage to sing. When Miss G said “go” we all started clapping and singing. When we finished singing and clapping we went back and sat down on the mats, everyone was cheering.

Sione Dale said “Can Room 7 come and sing Mali Mali Mai”. Room 7 got up to the stage and they sang their song and we all sang along with them. Mrs Tui told us to sing the African Farewell Song and while we were singing this St Joseph’s got up and left the hall waving at us all. When we were the only people left in the hall we all stood up and went to our classes to get our bag and get ready to go home. We had an awesome time at the concert celebrating Catholic School’s Day.

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