Friday, 17 May 2013

My Pencil.

The pencil that I am going to talk about is made out of wood. You can create with it and write with it and also it might have a rubber.

The pencil is as thin as a pen or felt. You can write with it and draw with it like a paint brush.

The pencil is as hard as a rock and as sharp as a thorn or a needle. It can be blunt and make a smudgy mess. Some pencils can be as colourful as a rainbow or as long as a wire. My pencil is pointy like thorns.

My drawing friend looks has a sharp lead and is so long. The pencil is so easy to hold. My learning tool can be found in the warehouse and it can be seen in my pocket.

My drawing friend does creating and also does some writing for me. We use it for our homework and many people use it in their right hand and some people practise with their left hand.

My colourful pencil is special because it is sharp and you can actually rub my writing out when I make a mistake.

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