Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt 5!!!!

This afternoon me and my friend named Sarah wanted to play round with the Vaccum. What I do is put  the Vaccum on and then put it on Sarah’s hair and then she had to put on glasses so the air can not go into her eye. Later on Tony my friend came and knocked on the door and he wanted to play because he heard the noise out the window so he came and asked if he can play as well.

After that there was a problem because Sarah did not want her hair to get blowen because she just wash her hair she asked me if I can get blowen but I said “Sorry but I don’t want my hair blowen because I had the idea first sorry maybe next time I could do it”. Later on we put the hair blower down and sat down and we had to think how can we get Sarah to get her hair blowen.

After that Sarah came downstairs and told me that she wants her hair messy so she can go and have a shower again. So we got the hair blower and turned it on and we blowed it on Sarah’s hair so Sarah got very happy that she was not afraid anymore to blow her nice shiny hair but now her hair is now messy she can wash it again in the shower.

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