Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

One day me and my family went to the beach for summer. Later on we went and brought some food from the supermarket.

After that we went to the beach at Mission Bay where lots and lots of people go and have a swim. Once we got to the car we had to sit down and wait until we got to the beach.

Later on when we got to the beach we had to get our clothes and our bags so we could get our stuff ready on the sand. Once we got to the sand we lay down the mat and some people went to the toilets to get changed into their swimming togs.

Once everyone got changed some people were going to have a swim in the sea. When everybody got to the sea mum and dad passed over the swimming board to me and my sister Sarah and my brother’s that went into the sea with me.

Later on my mum called me to come and have some KFC for lunch. After that when we had our KFC me and my sister went and had a walk around the beach so we could let our food settle.

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  1. Joshua, where is the problem. You only had 20 minutes to write and you set the scene and the characters but you haven't got onto the problem......remember you need to show your skills at writing a narrative, not just the beginning of one! Keep working on your narrative writing skills.