Thursday, 27 November 2014


I am explaining about the Church. I chose the church because that is the best place to go and pray every Sunday.

A Church is a special place to go and a Church is a special place to go and pray to God everyday and anytime.The Church is special because that is God's house and a place to pray to anyone who is sick and even pray to the people who are poor.

The church is used for weddings, for pray, for a mass and singing, Also it is used to celebrate a birthday and it can be used for Love and what I mean about love is when you are giving Love to God and you can spend time with him in Church.

You can find a church at your school or at any place eg Panmure, Glen Innes or Magere. It looks like a place to spend time with God, Jesus and Mary and it looks like a place to pray to God and then God can listen to all your prayers. He can listen to your prayers every time you go to Church on Sunday's or Friday's maybe anytime.

The parts of a Church are: Altar, Holy Water, God, Jesus, Mary, Priest, Father Bible, Holy Bible, Love, Faith, Hope, Boring, Sleepy, Aisle, Friendship, Community, Members, People, Family and Candle.

The Church is important because it's God's house and people enjoy praying to God, the Church is important just as your family is important, it is important just as the church is important.

The hope you learn something about the Church and I hope you understand my reasons about the Church :)


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