Monday, 1 December 2014


Name: Joshua Fohe
Address: 23 Fohe St, Africa
Date: 13/12/1675

Dear Father Christmas,

I am Writing this Letter Because I want under my Christmas Tree Presents Some on XMAS Day, I Will be Writing What I want, Reasons Why I Deserve Presents and who does not Deserve Presents.

I want a Iphone 6+, a Mansion, Ipad Air , The Statue Of Liberty to look like Me (JOSHUA), Everyone to be Happy, A Limo, A Laptop and I want 1.5 million Dollars.

I CAN Deserve Presents Because I do my Mum & Dad's chores, I Vacuum the house without being Asked to Whole, I Help my Dad FIX the Car Help my mum and I set up the Dinner Table.

That does not Deserve the person is a Present Help Tokilupe Because SHE HER mum does not set up the Dinner table, does not listen HER Mum & Dad and Dad does not FIX HER Help the Car.

I hope you Give Me my Presents and I hope you Yell out HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO so I CAN See if you wake up and are just a Dressed up or Real Santa.

From: Joshua Fohe :)

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