Thursday, 12 February 2015


On Christmas Morning (25th December) we swished to Manukau to my Grandparents house. "Okay What shall I do Sleep or just watch Television" I said, I chose to sleep so I could get plenty of rest.

When I woke up it was 9:00 am in the Morning. My parents was sleeping, My Aunt Sarah was still awake so I said to her "Hi Sarah are you watching Television" she replied "Of Course". So I sat there and watched it with her

When my mum woke up she said "Hey Joshua come with me back home so we can get my bag and then we can come back" I replied "Okay". We rushed back home.

So we got home she told me "Hey go and get my bag and then we can go back to the rest of the people" so I ran and got her bag and came back in the car and then my mum said "Shall we stay and then we can go and get some Starbucks "I replied" Finally Starbucks "so we went to Sylvia Park and bought some Starbucks and found a table so we can relax and drink our starbucks and eat some of our food that we have brought.

After we have eaten we went back to have a long nap and guess what we left the rest of the kids at Manukau.
Then the next day we had to go and pick up the kids because we were gonna go and eat Fish n chips at the park.

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