Saturday, 12 March 2016

How I Enjoyed The Text

Thursday 10th March 2016
Learn: To express and discuss my opinions using the text I read.
Title & Date
The part I really enjoyed is….
I am worried/sad about this part because….
I wonder
The Rules - 10.03.16
The part I really enjoy was when Matiora kept on going to the shopping centre with his uncle to play his favourite instrument  the violin.
The part I was worried about was when his violin broke because I thought he was never going to play his violin again.
I wonder what his mother was going to tell him when he played her favourite song.

During this week I have been reading this wonderful journal called " The Rules ". One of the activities that I have to do is " How I enjoyed the story ". We had to tell what part I really enjoyed, the part that made me worried/sad and also I wonder if....

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