Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend Day!


In our school a soul friend is when a older person is buddied up with a younger person. This friend is a person who you can talk to and share experiences in life, they take care of each other and also they share things with each other.

St Patrick’s started in Ireland AD 461. Later on the Holy Faith Sisters came to St Pius and introduced Soul Friends. Ever since the Holy Faith Sisters came and introduced Soul Friends during the 1900’s, St Pius now are still doing Soul Friends when we all buddy up with younger students.

We all made a promise that we will take care of our soul friends, we go to mass, we would have a shared morning tea at the field or in the classroom. In our school we talk to them about things that had happened during the week/weekend with our soul friends, we would share things that we have to each other.

My Soul friend is Brianna Fohe, she is a person who is confident to speak in a assembly, she is a person who like to play tag and also she is a person who likes to read books. Brianna is in Room 1 and she is a year 1 student in this outstanding school which is St Pius X. Brianna is learning to read books and also learning how to write about her experiences.

My plan is to take care of my soul friend and also another plan of ours is that we will always be safe.

Last but not least " Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone "

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