Monday, 1 July 2013

Where did my lovely teacher went?

On Tuesday afternoon my lovely teacher Miss G and Mrs Tui went to Melbourne, Australia. These are some of the schools that my teacher went to which were called Silverton Primary, Berwick Chase, Dandernong High, Hume High, Meadows Primary, Broadmedows Valley Primary and more. She went to see Modern Learning Environments from these schools in Melbourne. There were 21 teacher from our cluster of schools that went with Miss G and Mrs Tui to Melbourne. 

The best thing that Miss G and Mrs Tui saw was the learning at the schools, but they also like the Rugby Party and eating to much food. Miss G and Mrs Tui came back on Monday at 1:30am

While Miss G was away Room 3 had to build a Cookie protection to protect the Chocolate Chip Cookie from the Cookie Monster. The stuff that we needed to build the cage was cellotape, 2 meters of string and 10 straws and 2A paper. 

There was a special present from my lovely teacher, it was a surprise, it was a cute Koala's from Melbourne. My grey Koala has a flag and he is wearing a yellow t-shirt that says I Love Australia. I named him Peter because he has a round noise and a round tummy and he has sharp nails. I LOVE MY KOALA.


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