Friday, 28 June 2013

Pool Description.

The pool arrived 2 weeks ago and it is 15 metres long and 1 metre deep.

Inside the pool our voices echo what we are speaking because the pool is indoors.
The warm pool feels comfortable and it also tickles us like feathers when we just get into the pool. The pool smells like chlorine and it is smelly all the time.
The blue pool is seen on the courts under a tent. The pool belongs to a Cluster of schools - Mt Wellington Trust is the best place to find out about the pool.
The warm pool stays still and when we speak it echos our noise again.
The expensive pool is used for lessons, practising how to swim and also for fun.
The blue pool is special because it is lucky because everyone gets to have a turn to hop into the pool so we can practise to swim and have to have fun.
The lovely pool  is big and blue like the sky. The pool is as smelly as a rubbish bin. The dirty pool is cold like snow and as deep as a pond. Its waves are a bit like the sea and the walls of the pool are curved like a skateboard ramp. The ground around the pool is wet like it has been raining and the water is see-through like the wind. The water is calm just like a mirror.
The special thing about the pool is swimming, playing and loving to practise to swim.

I LOVE swimming because I like having free time and learning how to swim.  Jillian and Kevin are the best swimmers in Swim Magic and they are the people that are teaching us how to swim so we can be the best swimmers in St Pius X Catholic School. I love SWIMMING :)

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