Friday, 2 August 2013

A Rainbow bird from South America.

  Macaw                           Antbird

Once upon a time in South America there was lots of brown birds that always wanted to be colourful they tried to get themselves colourful they tried berries leaves but they did not turn colorful. Later on when they were all quiet a bird from heaven called a Phoenix he came down to them. Phoenix said “Can you come and help me get rid of the Roaches that are eating the rainbow” some of them said yes and the other birds so no because that is not their business so they all went up to the rainbow.

Once they got to the rainbow they saw thousands of roaches on top of the rainbow. While the Roaches were eating the rainbow the roaches saw the brown birds so they went down and tried to get rid of the birds. They went all over the birds and when the roaches were on the birds the birds were eating them to get rid of them.

Later on all the roaches were gone and the birds flew all the way to the rainbow once they got to the rainbow they all went through the rainbow and they were so pleased that their wish came true they were all colourful. Once they got back to the forest the other birds that did not help they were jealous because they were brown and they wanted to be colourful like the other birds. The brown birds were so sad that they were not colourful.

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