Monday, 5 August 2013

The 7 Sacraments.

Sacrament Image
Name of Sacrament and what it means
Marriage -

It means that you will be joining together in front of God and live happily ever after and never let go.
Holy Communion -

It means that when you go in front of the Priest and you will receive the body and blood of Christ.
Confirmation -

It means that you want to be catholic and stay catholic for ever.

Holy Orders -

It means that you want to join as a Priest or a Nun dedicating your life to God.
Baptism -

It means that when you were born you get baptised so you know that you are a catholic.
The Last Rights -

It means that Father is saying farewell on behalf of God before the person dies.
Reconciliation -

It means that the Priest cleanses your sins.

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