Friday, 2 August 2013

All about Badminton.

Badminton is a game with a racket and shuttlecock which is hit over the net using the racket.

The equipment that we use to play the game is a racket, shuttlecock and a net. These are the stuff we need to play the game. Badminton is a simple game to play all you do is hit the shuttle over the net and the other person has to hit is back. In badminton the points that you always have to have is 21 points. A shuttlecock is made out of plastic and if it is a competition it is made out of goose feathers there is also a net.

We have to wear shorts, a top and sports shoes. Between 1st and 2nd games, there will only be an interval 90 seconds and no cheating. These are the rules for badminton.

Badminton makes your body fit and badminton has a lots of health benefits. If you know how to play you can teach other people who do not know how to play and it can keep you healthy and fit.
Badminton is a very good sport because it is good exercise especially if it is a singles match. It is very good for you because you can run around the court. You can hit the shuttle however you like. You can hit it low, high, fast, slow, soft or rough it. I like Badminton because it is good exercise and it is a simple sport for you to learn.

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