Monday, 14 October 2013

First week of the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First week of the Holidays

First week of the Holidays have already past. 

For the first week of the holidays I went to a holiday programme down at school I was leading it with one of the other girls Angelica.

The holiday programme is a lot of fun you meet new people and there are a lot of games to play and activities to do. 

Halamehi the lady that runs the holiday programme provides us with food and things to play with.

We play all sorts of games like bench ball, jockeys  cat n mouse, Chinese whispers, quiz games, and song games. Some
 games that we played were really intense when the big kids played they were so fast and big especially when it came to the games cat n mouse and jockeys.

Some times the groups would go and come up with a chant, a song, they have to have two soloist to sing, and two dancers for a dance off.

On the last day of holiday programme Halamehi always has something for everyone she gives treats for the star people, the leaders get their treat, the teams get their own feed, and the ones who led the holiday programme gets a treat too.

Its fun watching everyone laughing and catching up with each other and seeing everyone just having fun.

Cant wait for the next holiday programme

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