Friday, 18 October 2013


Today was my first time playing a game called Squash. After morning tea we had to line up outside the classroom so we can go to the hall to play some Squash.

Once we got to the hall we saw Phil standing outside waiting for us to come in. So we walked into the hall and sat down on the floor. Later on Phil said “ Who was not here yesterday and had not played Squash” so I put my hand up and they asked me to come up and have a try at hitting the ball with the racket. After that people was telling me to say yes so I said yes then I went up and got a racket and a ball. Phil was going to serve and then I had to hit the ball. Once I have finished practising Squash people was clapping for me and then I went and sat down.

Later on we had 20 second to choose a court before the time starts. After that the time was starting and they gave us 6 minutes to play and the 2 people that has the highest score then they have to move up and if they have the lowest score then they have to go downer a court.

Michael started the 6 minutes and then we  had to start the game  before the time has finished. While the time was going to Miss G came to us and ask us how many points do we got and then I said I have 4 points and I needed to get 1 more to catch up to Albert and Christopher.

After that we had to stop and put the racket and ball down at the court. Then we had to go and sit down and say goodbye to Michael and Phil because they were only going to be here for 3 days and it was Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday these were the only days that were going to play Squash thats why we had to say goodbye.

Squash was first played in Harrow School, England around 1830. You have to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes and to stop the sweat going inside your eyes, also you have to wear shorts and a t-shirt. Ramy Ashour from Eygpt and Nicol David from Malaysia are the top two squash players in the world.

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