Friday, 21 March 2014


Title: Bullying

Hello have been bullied? well now today I am going to talk about what bullying is. Bullying is when they start and argument and they start being mean to you and then you start a very huge fight. When I got bullied what I did is I walked away and then ignore them and the worst thing if I did not walk away then i’ll be joining the fight and mocking other people.

What is bullying to you? Bullying to me is when they start a argument and they start mocking other people and then they start a fight, fighting is very bad because you might cry when they mock your mum or dad.

Types of bullying is jealousy and cyber bullying the type of bullying that I am into is jealous because when my brother wears cool shoes I get very jealous  because I want them so what I do I bully him so when I bully him he cries. When my mum get me to get attention I don’t listen to her I keep on doing my homework so me and her start arguing.

How I can solve my problem is by saying sorry to my mum and brother for fighting with you and then my mum will give me a hug and then I will say she is the best mum in the world. When I say sorry to my brother he says I don’t want to be sorry and then I go and tell my mum and then she says to be sorry and then he says sorry then me and him goes and be best brother in the world and then he says should we go shops and by us two lollies

My opinion is to do the right choices and following the rules to not fight and mock other people so they can cry and make them very upset and sad.

                                                              THE END

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