Friday, 21 March 2014

St Patrick’s Day!!!

The Praton Saint of Ireland is St Patrick. He was born in Great Britain in 385. When he was 16 he was captured by Pirates and taken to Ireland where he was put to work as a slave. During this time he was lonely and afraid but he learned to rely on God. He grew closer to God and his Faith was strengthened. After 6 years he escaped to France. He decided to train to become a priest. It was not long before he was made as a pagan country. Patrick set about preaching and teach the people about the Jesus Christ. He walked around the whole country and thousand of people became Chrsitian as the result of his work. Ther are many famous legends about Patricks life. He believed to have rid Ireland of snakes. He used a Shamrock to teach people about the trinity. Today we celebrate St Ptraicks day on 17 March. Irish Christians have traveled all over the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus that Patrick bourght to Ireland. On St Patrick day we wear Green to show we remember the green countryside of Ireland and the man who bourght Christianity to its shores many years ago. St Patrick was very brave and we ask him to help us in time of Trouble.

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