Friday, 21 March 2014

Cyclone Lusi!!!!

The scariest cyclone was when my tree fell on my roof and my roof nearly broke down and I was very scared because I thought a plane engine fell on top of the roof. Later on me and my mum went outside and checked but it was the tree that fell on my roof.

The next day we went to church and when we came back from church my next door neighbor's tree fell on the powerline so my mum called the fire station and the fire truck came to our house and my mum went out and talked to them and then the fire man fixed the powerline but there was no power because the house across the road there tree fell on the power line again so the fire truck came again because they just left and then the fire man got very angry and then he told the crew to come and fix the powerline again because he was tired of fixing the powerline.

After that the rain came and then my trampoline fell upside down so me and brother was the only ones awake and then me and him put on our rain jackets and our gumboot and then we went outside and then we carry the trampoline up again and then we came back inside and watched tv.

The next day the cyclone lusi stopped and the rain stopped so my dream came alive and so the rain and cyclone stopped.

                                             The End

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