Thursday, 14 May 2015


!DING! the clock hits 12:00pm, the classroom was excited because we are going to be heading to the swimming pool for a real lesson with real professional instructors.
Later on when the clock hit 12:00 the teacher (MRS POLE) told us that we will be swimming from 12:00 - 12:30 which means we get to have 30 minutes.

When we got to the courts where the pool was set-up, Pam the swimming instructor welcomed us.  She instructed us to get into the pool for a trial to see if we can swim or not. Afterward, she got us into groups, “NUMBER 1” and “NUMBER 2” number 1 was the group that needs to learn how to swim and the other group is the people who already knows how to swim.

Later on we get to go into the pool so we can some have fun with the warm water. When I got into the water the water was so warm and wavy. We had 2 marvelous instructors that taught us lots of useful swimming tips and how to float on water.

The first thing Emma taught us was how to swim if you are in danger, second thing was to swim sideways and the last one was how to swim and paddle at the same time, but I already know how to swim and paddle, but she said that people don’t know how to swim and paddle when a shark is like attacking them.

That was the only thing that she taught us then today we are going to do more stuff with Emma!!!

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