Thursday, 6 August 2015


Write a response to what I think about what Rainbow Fish did. Should he do it or not? Why?
15 minutes to finish it.

I think that Rainbow Fish made a good choice to give one scale to the other fishes, why is because the other fishes were upset that Rainbow Fish didn’t give one sparkly scale to them.

3 -­ 4 Reason’s why:

1. Because he wanted to be friendly with his friends because he wanted to think about his friends instead of thinking about himself.

2. Because he wanted to show the virtue of Sharing & Loving by giving one sparkly scale to his friends.

3. Because he wanted his friends to be happy instead of crying for just one scale.

4. Because he wanted to give his scales instead of receiving new scales.

I think that Rainbow fish made good choices to give a scale to his friends because he should be giving instead of receiving because that will be showing the footsteps of Jesus and also showing the virtue of Love.

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