Friday, 7 August 2015

WHO AM I????

My skin colour is the colour of the rainbow, just so you know we all need to know what a rainbow is, when it rains the beautiful rainbow comes out and it shines brightly upon me, but sometimes it shines upon my friends underwater.

The things I hate is when my friends are noisy when I am trying my best to listen to my parents because sometimes I do not listen, I hate when my family does not care for and look after me and also I really hate when my friends tell bad things about me having more colourful scales every month.

I have small eyes just like a little piece of trash, I have baby teeth just like a human baby's teeth, I eat seaweed under the water just like the other fishes and also I do not go school but my friends in earth they go school to learn and become great learners.

If you didn't know what my name was, it was the Native Australian Rainbow Fish.

I am Unique, I am Special I am just myself no one judges me to do this and to do that, I am just myself I do not want to be judged I can just do whatever I want.

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