Friday, 28 August 2015


On a wonderful morning the whole school went on a wonderful trip to Kelly
Tarltons. We were so lucky to go on this experience because we got the chance
to see different kind of underwater species.
I was really excited to go on this trip because this was going to be my  first time
seeing sharks, penguins and etc.
When I got to school the whole school were in the hall and practising songs for
the mass of our Feast Day. Later on some students went down to the streets to
see if our buses had arrived so we could leave for Kelly Tarltons. After that we all
had to hop in the bus and at the same time we were excited. It took us 10
minutes to get there, maybe a bit more because the bus driver went through
shortcuts and it was so long.

Later on we got to the Aquarium Kelly Tarltons, when we got there I just saw this
little house, so then I asked Catherine “ Catherine, have you been here “ she
replied “ Yes, I have, what you see is a little house, but when you go inside you
have to go way down to see the species” I replied “ Okay, this is going to be fun
After that Mrs Tui all told us to go through this little house and go down, when
she told us that I was so excited. Later on when we were still walking, this host
who was taking us down she said that we are going to through “SCOTT'S HUT “,
Scott's Hut is a copy of his hut in Antarctica, this hut is still there in Antarctica.
What I saw was food, warm clothing and many things to wear in the winter. The
reason Scott had to wear these warm things because it is cold in Antarctica and
also the temperature in Antarctica is 100% cold.
Finally we got a chance to see real penguins instead of looking at penguins
online. The penguins were so cute, there were other penguins that were
separated from the others because they are not supposed to be together with
them before they attack each other.

After that we went through this spinning tunnel, when you see it the outside is
only spinning but when there is a pathway it doesn’t spin, so we walked through
it, we had to try and stop us from spinning around.
After that very tiring experience we now went to see the other species of fish and
also the sting rays. There was this woman who went into the stingray pool and
these other cool fishes were swimming in it. She told us that she is going to feed
the stingrays, but the stingrays weren’t hungry because maybe they fed them
before she came in.

Later on we had to go through this tunnel and on top of us were fish and also on
the left and right side there were fish as well. There were stingrays, different kind
of fish, different types of sharks and also there was this creature that stays real
still. never moves, but they can only suck their food up.

Later on we went to see the seahorses, the seahorses were so cute and so
small, they were smaller than my hand. After that we went to this classroom that
someone comes in and tells us everything that happens to the sea creatures if
they are going to die, then they will give us a dried SeaHorse, a Sharks teeth and
also a sharks egg.

Later on when class was finished we all had to go outside and get ready to go
back to school to start writing about our experience.

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