Thursday, 21 April 2016

Narrative Writing - Holiday Post

170 islands altogether but the island we went to was the main island Tongatapu. On
Tuesday the 30th of June my family were travelling to Tongatapu to spend time with
our family.
On our first day we had a spectacular picnic at Pangaimotu Beach. We had to drive to
the Wharf so we can hop on a Ferry and get to Pangaimotu. Once we got to
Pangaimotu we layed out our picnic mat and unpacked our food, what we had was 2
Puakas/Pigs and also we had fish n chips. “ KIDS COME AND EAT “ Mum shouted,
we ignored her because we weren’t hungry. 1 hour later “ JOSHUA CALL THE KIDS
TO COME AND EAT “ Dad shouted, so then we all came out and went to eat before
we can head back to the beach and have a swim. It was 5:00pm “ Kids it is time to go
“ we then replied “ OH WHY “ so then we came out got changed before we head back
home. Once we got home we had to go to sleep because the next day we will be
going to the Common Kings
2nd day in Tonga, “ Joshua tell the kids to get changed so we can go to the Common
Kings Concert “ so I ran and told the kids that we have to get changed so we can go
to the Common Kings Concert. 2 hours later we arrived at Teu Faiva Stadium, we got
out our tickets and then gave it to the securities so they can scan it so we can be able
to get in. 30 minutes later the concert started, we were screaming and shouting “
COMMON KINGS IS NUMBER ONE “. The concert started at 7:00pm and it finished
at 3:00pm, when the concert finished we had to head back home so we can go to
sleep because the next day we will be going to town so we can buy t­shirts from the
3rd Day in Tonga, “ Joshua get up we will be going to buy a t­shirt from the market “
so then I got up got changed and then “R­­­­ing R­­­­ing “ went the phone so then I
went and and answered the phone “ Hello? Who is this? Are you taking us to the
Market? Why? “ then I gave the phone to my Mum, when my mum finished talking on
the phone she then told us that a minibus will be coming to take us to Town. When the
minibus approached the house we all hopped in and then the driver took us to Town
so we can start our shopping. When we got to Town we started buying us t­shirt,
shoes and also she bought us food for us to eat. Later on the minibus came back to
take us back home. Once we got back home we had to have dinner and what we had
for dinner was tongan chicken with hot chips. After dinner we had to go to sleep
because today was a long day.
We have spent 3 weeks in the Kingdom of Tonga and during the 3 weeks we visited
different kind of beaches and also visited different kind of markets that sell different
kind of things. We had a fantastic Holiday, we had a wonderful time spending time
with our families that are living in Tonga. I wish I come back to this beautiful island

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