Monday, 25 April 2016


During the weekends my family and I ( Joshua ) was planning to go to the beach,
but guess what she said NO, so we had to stay at home and do the same thing we
do every single day, watching t.v and being bored. Then later that day my Mum
got up and told us “ Guess what we should go and order some Fish n chips and
go and eat it at the Park “ we all replied “ YES!! but I we getting a bottle of fizzy
drink “ then she said “ UMMMM yes we are getting a big bottle of fizzy drink “.
Later on we got up and went and ordered our takeaway and get our bottle of
drink and went to the Park near Dunkirk. When we got there I was like so angry
because there were a lot of people and they were playing and having some fun,
but then we went and got a bench sat down and ate our food. After that we went
and had so much fun, we played moon ball and also we played many more games
that made us so tired and even more hungrier.
Later on the clock hit 5:00pm and we all had to pack up and go back home and do
the same thing sit down on the sofa and watch t.v like always. After that we threw
our rubbish away and got in the car and we went back home.
When we got back home we had to drink water and eat food that our Mother and
Father cook most of the time.

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