Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Writing - Holiday Post!!

“WAKE UP!” shouted Mum, so then I got up and said “ What do you need Mum?” then she replied “ Hurry up we are going to Maraetai Beach with the family “ so then
I jumped up with excitement because I really wanted to go to the beach because it was really hot.
“ Hey boys do you guys want to come with us to Maraetai beach “ I said softly, then they replied “ YES! “. Few minutes later we all had to pack our swimming togs and get ready for the beach. While I was waiting for the food I went to the living room and observed T.V, suddenly I heard my Dad yell “ HURRY UP GUYS WE ARE GOING “ so then I decided to turn the t.v off and the light off too. Then I walked as fast as I could to the van so that we can zoom off to the beach.
While we were in the car we were singing songs, watching movies, eating the food and also look at the amazing view we can see, and finally we got there. Once we got there what we saw were a bunch of people. After that we had to set up our tent and
lay out of mat. A few minutes later my mum yelled “ GUYS HURRY UP COME AND GRAB SOME FOOD TO EAT!” so then we hopped out from the beach and went to grab some food to eat because we were so hungry. 10 minutes later we all went back to the beach and had so much fun, we were throwing the balls around, we played volleyball and also we had a swimming competition.
When the clock hit 10:00pm we all had to head back home because the next day we will be going to buy some food at town.

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