Friday, 5 August 2016

Helpfulness Movie!!

On such a beautiful day, I was walking down the hallway outside the classrooms, and all of a sudden Malia accidentally hit me while walking to return the books to the classroom. All the books I was holding fell and one of them hit my toe real hard. Faleaka who was my Teacher rushed in and told Malia to return and help him pick up his books because he is really hurt. 

Both Malia and Faleaka came and helped me walk to the Sickbay for the nurse to help me fix my toe. Once I arrived at the sickbay, the nurese took my books and told me to lay down on a comfortable bed while she is getting things to fix my tow.

In Room 7 we have been making a 1 minute movie to show Helpfulness.

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  1. hi Joshua I am Olga. Your video is so great it was nice. keep up the good work. I enjoy your movie.