Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My First Communion and First Confirmation!

On the 28th of August, 21 candidates had their First Holy Communion and also our First Confirmation. Each Candidate had their own sponsors, so that they can look after you and also they can be your second parents in life.

My Brother and I were wearing very beautiful Tongan clothing and my sister ( Helena ) wore this very beautiful and amazing dress. Once I arrived at the St Pius X School Church,I saw these very good-looking boys and girls dressed up in their Tongan Clothing. 

The church was full of people wanting to support their children in their First Holy Communion and their First Confirmation.

Walking down the aisle and listening to all the conversation that was happening. I finally sat down and waited the mass to begin. The Tongan Community sang really beautifully with their very beautiful voice. During the mass Bishop Patrick Dunn asked every candidate to come to the front so that he can do the laying of Hands. Later on Patrick asked us one more time to come to the front so that we can receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

After the mass ended, we had the opportunity to take photos with Patrick Dunn, I was really amazed at how Patrick Dunn showed Respect at every single candidate that was there.

When we got home we celebrated this very special event by having a great feed.

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