Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Learn - To use good sentences in our writing. A good sentence has a subject or a verb. I am learning to use 3 type of sentences, which is a simple sentence.

“ How did you start gossiping my doggy? “ I exclaimed.
It was unbelievable to watch this happening.
It was so strange to see this happening to my close friend and also to my close Dog
“ How did this happen? “
“ Well, this strange man….”
“ What about the strange man? “
“ So, do you want me to give a brief description about him, so here, he has black hair….. “
I just remembered that this guy came around my house earlier during the day asking if he could check my Backyard door, so then I told him “ My backyard door doesn’t need fixing “.

“ Enough now, so we are going to solve problem by trying to find this mysterious guy “
Once we walked out the door the same guy that came to our house earlier on came back again and asked if he could fix our backyard door. I ignored every single word that came out of his mouth.

Max, who is my dog, told me that he was the guy that made me talk, so I got out my phone and called Police, and gave him a great brief description about this strange guy.

Later on he got arrested and he was sentenced 2 years in prison.

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