Friday, 19 August 2016

Scary Phone Call!!

“ BRINNNNGGGG “, “ H-A-L-L-O, Who is there? “, I then hung up the phone. Then all of a sudden “ BRIIINNNGGGGG “, “ H-A-L-L-O, What do you want? “. I then hung up the phone and took off the plug. It was so scary and I wondered who this person was.

Once I took off the plug the phone started to ring like “ BRIINNNNGGG “, I answered it and said “ H-A-L-L-O, WHAT DO YOU WANT? “, once again I hung up the phone. I walked to the kitchen and heard the phone ringing again, I was frustrated and angry at this mysterious person who keeps calling me. “ BRINNNNGGGG “ the phone rang once again, I answered and shouted “ WHO IS THIS AND WHAT DO YOU WANT “, and all he/she replied was “ SORRY WRONG NUMBER, TRY CALL AGAIN “ and then I shouted “ WHAT! YOU CALLED ME FIRST, YOU KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE AND REPORT YOU! “

Later on during the day, I went just to get some groceries and once I came back I heard the phone “ BRRIINNNNGG “ I ignored this ring and suddenly all my phones, and telephones were all ringing like there was going to be a war. I decided to answer the these phone calls and all I heard was silence just the same, phone call I get after every 5 minutes.

This was the worst experience and the worst day I have ever had in my life. The day after that, I had the same experience as the day before. I think this will be my worst week of the year.

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  1. Hi Joshua,
    I like your Narrative, but you should check before you're going to post,because in the last few lines it says I decided to answer the these phone calls, so you should check before you post,Thank you.