Saturday, 28 May 2016


On a beautiful and wonderful day some people from Room 7 and some people from Room 5 gathered together outside the Shelter, so we can get ready to go off to the Spark Head Office to do some activities with other schools.

Everyone was sitting down and waiting for the bus to arrive so we can head off to the Head Office of the Spark Foundation. Once the bus arrived everyone walked down really quite like there was a funeral happening. Finally everyone was boarded into the bus and got ready to leave, everyone was full of excitement and some people were just staring out the window like the world was going to end.

Finally we got to our final destination which was the Spark Foundation Head Office. Everyone was out of the bus and walked really quietly to the other side of the office because that is where all the people had to enter. Once we entered the Office there was a large crowd gathering, walking and shouting because they were all full of excitement because they wanted to see what we will be doing for example Science, Robotic and many more activities.

We did so much activities for example, robotic, unmaking, coding, 3d printing and many more. One of my favorite ones were Coding because we got a chance to make our own game using Scratch. Scratch is a website where you can create games.

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