Friday, 27 May 2016

Sacred Heart Interview!!

Today on a wonderful and sunny day my Aunty, my Dad and I went to my interview at Sacred Heart College in Glendowie. Once we entered the gate I was nervous because they might be asking me so many questions that I couldn't answer.  After that we got out of the car and went into the hall where all the different kind of people are wanting to enrol for Sacred Heart College. Once I walked into the hall I started to get butterflies because I was so shy and nervous.

A few minutes later Br Gerrard called out “ The Uiha Family “ once he called out my surname that when I almost started to run out of the large and massive building. So I walked into his office and he greeted me in such a nice way, that was the time I was comfortable talking to him. All he did was asking questions about school, about my Maths, my writing, music, sports and many.

I felt so comfortable during the interview because the questions that Br Gerrard asked me but after the interview I was happy and so grateful that the interview was over.

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