Saturday, 15 June 2013

All about Swimming.

This term we got excited because the swimming pool had just got here. After we had our class photo we went and got changed into our swimming gear and went quickly to the swimming pool before we were too late.

The instructor said “Can everyone come into the pool one by one and stand by the wall”. After that we listened carefully to the instructor and she said “Can everyone grab a board and after you get a board stand by the wall”.

Later on the instructor told us “Do you guys know how to do the arm circles? if you do not know then we will now show you how to do it” so she did it and said “One by one people are going to do the arm circle”. After that everyone got to do the arm circle from one end to the other end. When we got to the other end we got to play so the instructor could do the other people. After that we had to do it again so we all had a race to the other end and then we got to play until the instructor had finished with the other people.

When she was finished with the other people we had to do gliding. When we did gliding we had to put our backs to the wall because if you did not put your back to the wall then that is called cheating. When the instructor told us to put our backs to the wall she showed us how to do gliding. This is what she did - she put her back to the wall and she put her face between her arm and she pushed with her legs and glided to the other side and when she got to the end she had to glided 3 times so everyone knew how to glide. When she got to the other side she said “Can everyone come one by one from that side to the other side?” she pointed at the first two and said “Both of you can you glide from that side to this side” so me and Manu said “Yes we can”. Me and Manu got to the other side and she said “Good job you two” and we said “You were good as well”.

Jillian said “Do you guys want a race or free time?” everybody shouted “FREE TIME”. So Jillian let us have free time for 4 minutes. After four minutes I told everyone “Come to the end and go under the water” but Jillian said “when I count to 10 and you guys don’t get out you will not swim again on Tuesday” so we went out of the pool and got changed. After that we had to eat our lunch, BEST DAY EVER.

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