Monday, 24 June 2013

Moving to Melbourne, Australia.

During the holidays my mum said that we were going overseas to Sydney on Thursday.

I woke up and it was Thursday I said to myself “I am going to Sydney and if I don’t wake up we will be late”. So we all woke up and went quickly to the airport. When we got to the airport there was lots of people standing by the Air New Zealand check-in. Later on we all rushed to the line and standed for 40 minutes in line. Finally we were first in line and when the worker called our names we rushed to the check-in and the ladie said “ Can I have your passports please” so we gave our passports to her and she said “ Here is your passports  can i have your baggage and can you put on top of the baggage claim so we got all of the baggage and put it on top of the baggage claim and after that she pressed a button that say baggage claim move. So after she pressed the button it moved and after that she said to go upstairs and go to your gate because there is only 2 more minutes before the gate closes so we ran fast as we could to the gate. When we got to the gate the women said “ Can I check your tickets please” so we gave the tickets to the women and after she looked at our tickets she scanned to see if this is the right person that’s going aboard Air New Zealand.

10 minutes late we walked through and we saw a huge plane thats called Air New Zealand after we hopped  on-board we were looking for our special seats then we walked to the back and we found our seats. After we found our seats we all put our baggage on the overhead lockers then after that we had to sat on our seats and waited for everyone to finish with their stuff. Later on the speaker was on and it said “ Everyone can you put your seatbelts on” so we quickly put our seat-belts on. After that the plane moved slowly taxied to the runway.2 minutes later we got to the runway and the plane stopped and the speaker said “ We are going to take off and this is going to take 3 hours and 50 minutes so can everyone put their seat-belts tightly”. After that the plane was shaking and it took off to the sky and the speaker said “ We will be giving out food and drinks out right now” so they went from the back to the front so we ordered 7 hot chips and also 7 coca-cola and we ate and drank everything that we ordered. 60 minutes later the speaker said “ We are going to land into Sydney International airport”. later on we landed into Sydney and the speaker said “ We are sorry everyone there is no gates left for us to get through we are just going to wait until a gate to free to go in”.

After that there was a gate that was for free so the security said “ Go to gate 4 please” so the pilot went to gate 4 and parked perfectly after that the speaker said “ Can everyone get their baggage and went out the door and walked quickly to security. After that we got to security and they said “ Can I have your passports and can you put your baggage on the x-ray” so we gave our baggage, passports and tickets to the security and they asked us to walk through the x-ray so we all walked through the x-ray and they gave our baggage, passports and tickets back and we walked and got our 10 baggage that was left. After that we got our baggage and walked out a sign that says Way Out so we walked through that sign and we saw our aunty and her family so we ran and hugged her and her family and went to the van and we put our baggage and our bags into the car and went back home and takeaway for dinner and some of mcdonald for dinner as well BEST DAY EVER.

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  1. Hi Joshua,

    I really like how you used paragraph in your story and used speech marks in your writing. Maybe next time not to use to many And in your writing .