Thursday, 27 June 2013


This teddy bear called Fuzzy is cute and soft and he is a boy, he loves to cuddle people and smells like pancakes. His favourite fruit is oranges and his favourite thing to eat is pancakes but he cannot eat those thing because he is a teddy bear and he cannot open his mouth.

He looks like a Christmas teddy bear and he has big ears, and big feet like a elephant.

Fuzzy does nothing because he cannot move, but he can snuggle in and sleep with  me and he makes people smile.

My furry friend likes a hug from me and my family and also other people. My brown friend dislikes people that rip his skin and say stupid things about him and the biggest thing he dislikes is people throwing him around.

My cuddly friend is special because he loves everyone and he loves to smell pancakes. He is also special because he likes Christmas because he loves to see other people’s presents.

My friend Fuzzy is loving and kind to me and other people. He can make me smile. I LOVE MY TEDDY BEAR he is the best teddy bear in the world.

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