Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Theatre

WOW ! everyone is excited about the duffy show. St Pius X is very happy that they are going to watch are very excited duffy show.

After morning there was a very excited experience in the school hall. Once everyone was at the hall we saw three people standing in the front they had to say their name and what the show was all about. The topic of the theatre was Duffy loses his words. Later on they went and got ready to perform in front of the whole school. They were here to tell us about reading and to experience acting.

Once they were ready we saw that they had names on their shirts and the names were Duffy, Afi and Scruffy they were very silly when they were acting. After that a teacher came out and said her name was Miss Arthur and she told Afi and Duffy to read a book.
So Afi came and read the book when she does not know how to read a book. While she was reading the book she stopped at a very hard word for her and she told Duffy to tell her what was that word and Duffy said to sound it out.  Afi read it again and she was trying to sound the word out but she still does not know how to say the word.
When Afi did not know how to say the word she went and told Duffy to tell her what the word is so when she went and ask Duffy to tell her he gave her the word so Afi was very happy.

I felt very happy that they came and tell us about reading and sharing their reading with us and I really enjoyed the show about Duffy loses his words.

My favourite part was when Afi could not sound the word out from the book and then she went and she went and told the word to Duffy so when Duffy told her the word she was very happy that she got the word off Duffy.

I hope they come again in the near future to tell us more about reading.

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