Sunday, 22 September 2013

Kids 4 Kids Concert

On a beautiful morning there were 15 different schools attending the Kids 4 Kids at the Life Convention Centre, Mangere. Room 3 was going to represent our school. Room 3 was very excited because that was Room 3’s first time going to the Life Convention Centre to sing and dance.

Once we got to the centre we were very anxious because we would be on stage and singing and there would be an audience looking at us singing, we were all feeling very scared. When we got inside we had to sit down on these comfortable chairs and wait for Chris to come up on the stage and say the names of the schools so we could sit down on uncomfortable chairs on stage. Chris came up on stage and said “Hi everyone, this is Kids for Kids rehersal”. Chris called the names of the schools, I felt nervous waiting for us to be called. We got up and walked up onto the stage and we had to sit on these bouncy, uncomfortable benches, the benches were planks of wood that really hurt us when we sat down too long.

Once everyone was sitting on the chairs Dayna and Chris called Jackie Clark and Nathan King to come on stage to introduce themselves to everyone. Once Jackie and Nathan finished talking Jackie said that we had to sing a song called Haere Mai. We never knew that we had to do actions with the song. The actions were to wave your hand when we sang Haere Mai. After that we kept on going with the first half. After the first half we had to go and have our morning tea, we were all feeling very hungry. While we were eating Dayna said “If you need some fresh air you can take a walk outside but you are not allowed play on the grass because it is wet”.

Later on after morning tea we all had to go back on stage and do the second half.  Once Jackie and Nathan got up on the stage Jackie said “Can everyone sing Gumboots.”. So we all sang Gumboots and once it was finished we had to wait for the next song and it was called Glorfillia so we sang the song. After the second half we had to come back from the stage and walk quietly outside where our bus was.

Once we got to the bus we had to hop inside the bus so we can go  back to school. Once everyone was in the bus Mrs Deeney had to count the children to make sure everyone was in the bus. She said “finally everyone is in the bus so we can go”. The bus driver drove on the road. Some of us were very tired in the bus, we were beginning to sleep while the others were talking. I felt very sleepy because I was on that stage too long and the lights were very hot.

My favourite thing about Kids 4 Kids was eating my healthy lunch and the other thing was singing Haere Mai because I like waving my hands lots.

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