Monday, 2 September 2013

St Pius. X Feast day.

On a very sunny day it was an exciting day, it was St Pius X feast day. First thing in the morning we had to go to the church. Once we got to the church we had to sit on the seats and wait for Father to come. We waited for everyone to sit down so we could start our mass. The teachers and the students were so quiet while we were waiting. Hendrix went and said his part and when he had finished his reading we had to stand up and sang while Father is walking in the isle. Once he got to the front we stopped singing and we had to say the sign of the cross in maori and then we carried on with the mass.

After the mass we had to go to eat our massive cake that says Happy Feast day St Pius X. Once everyone was ready Mrs Tui said “ Can everyone sing a song called Happy Feast day St Pius”. After we sang the song Mrs Tui and Miss Ana went and cut the cake into pieces and they had to give it out to each class. Once everyone finished their cake they had to go and have morning tea. So Mrs Williams told Room 3 to go and get their morning tea.

After morning tea we went to line up so we can go and sing our talents to everyone so Room 1 and 2 went up and sang a song and carried on with the concert. After that Room 3 came up to the stage and sang two songs that was called ‘Something in the Water’ and ‘Haere Mai’. My favourite item was Room 3 ‘s item because Tokilupe and Ezra had wonderful voices. After the concert we had to go and eat our lunch.

After lunch time we had to go and see Linda playing her instrument called a Euphonium. Some students wanted her to play the instrument. So she played the Euphonium, the song that she played was Twinkle Twinkle little star and some songs the she has played at her church. Linda told us that she played the Euphonium from when she was 10 yrs old and she has been in concerts. The person that taught her to play the Euphonium was her dad because he had been in concerts before playing a Euphonium.

Later on Linda asked Mrs Tui if we can have a huge photo of us and Linda, Mrs Logan’s daughter went up the stairs and took the photo. Once she took the photo we all went to the basketball tournament at the tennis courts.  Once everyone was at the tennis courts we had to start the game. When the game had started Tuis was starting to win the game.

After the basketball tournament we had to go back to class so we can go home. We came inside the classroom and got our bags and went and lined up outside. What an awesome day we had.

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  1. Wow Joshua what a interesting recount. I liked the way you said Tokilupe and Ezra have wonderful voices. Maybe next time you could do your beginning line shorter. Keep up the good work Joshua.